Monday, March 2, 2020

Why you put off studying until the last minute and how to deal with it

Why you put off studying until the last minute and how to deal with it Reasons You Don’t Start Studying Until The Last Minute Mostly teachers give students enough time to complete a task; however, very often many students leave the preparation until the last minute. As a result, they are stressed out, exhausted and frustrated. Also, it is more than likely that the quality of the finished task suffered. Let’s have a look at the reasons why this happens and what can be done about it. Fear of the hard work Very often, the difficulty of the task scares you off and makes you put off the studying for later, no matter how important the task is. In fact, if the assignment is really significant, the fear can be even stronger, and, as a result, you end up pushing off the work even further. Fear of failure Feeling that the results of your efforts will be most likely unsatisfactory can make you completely demotivated and immobilized. You realize that the subject that you need to cover is too complicated, and you will not be able to get nice grades for that. Such fear of failure can also make you put off starting your study. Mistakes in personal organization Personal organization is very important in student life. You are responsible for completing different assignments on time. Unfortunately, many students do not create a plan of how to complete a task to fit the deadline, and those who do have a plan may overestimate their abilities and evaluate the amount of time that needs to be spent on studying incorrectly. Such mistakes are common and can cost dearly since poor self-organization can result in falling out of the university or college. What to do You might be one of those students who tend to leave performing important tasks until it is too late. The main solution of the issue is the following – just start studying and, most importantly, start doing it early. Obviously, this advice sounds simple, but, at the same time, extremely difficult to execute for many students. However, leaving studying until the last minute is a habit. Like any habits, it can be changed. If you really want to improve your studying pattern, try incorporating new habits into your student life. Starting study early, organizing yourself, making a plan and following it will bring great results. Being a student, you must realize that the task needs to be completed no matter what. Hence, putting off the preparation of the assignment is meaningless, and it is better to start working on an important task as soon as it is possible. This will save a lot of mental energy and will give you a great sense of accomplishment along with great grades and an appraisal from professors.

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